ACTIVA 3.0 CLM 1878

ACTIVA 3.0 is based on a 3-level layering system, each layer is made up of a performance fabric that maximizes comfort, breathability and thermoregulation. These fabrics have been developed by combining innovative technologies and fibers to make them suitable for the outdoors and the most extreme sports.

LEVEL 1: Made for Comfort.
Worn next to skin, the basic layer maintains comfort and promotes perspiration.

LEVEL 2: Made for Insulation. The medium level insulates the body temperature by keeping the heat in a cold environment.

LEVEL 3: Made for Protection. The outer layer is designed to ensure maximum protection from wind and rain, keeping the inner layers dry and contributing to transpiration.



Technolife is a line of lifestyle fabrics, in which high technical characteristics and a trendy image are combined with an eco-friendly philosophy.

These are special fabrics made with recycled natural fibers (wool, cotton), recycled biodegradable artificial fibers (polyester, nylon) or bio-synthetic fibers produced from renewable natural resources.



The Athleisure line is composed of a wide range of high quality functional fabrics, comfortable, versatile and fashionable, designed for sportswear, but also suitable for other contexts of daily life and leisure.



Our Contemporary fashion collection includes Sherpa, faux fur, boiled wool, melton and knitwear; fabrics made with both artificial ecological fibers and natural recycled fibers.

Our company was the first to produce artificial faux fur and sherpa, experimenting with innovative textile and finishing technologies.