In 1958 Mario Becagli founds Tessile Fiorentina, from the idea that a circular machine for the production of pile fabrics, seen during a trip to the United States, could produce an innovative fabric: the ecological fur.


Tessile Fiorentina by Mario Becagli & Co. soon becomes a S.p.a. and continues to grow, becoming a reference point for the Italian and international textile market.


In the 70s the Prato-based company invents a particular process that allows diversification in production and an expansion of the offer, thus giving life to the new line of boiled wool fabrics.


In the 80s, the fleece spreads to American markets , a fabric with exceptional technical characteristics, suitable for dealing with extreme climatic situations. Tessile Fiorentina immediately realizes its potential and it specializes in its production, thus managing to establish itself on world markets.


In the following years, Tessile Fiorentina fine-tunes the production of coated, bonded and fake leathers, sectors that are still in constant evolution today.


Today a new generation of Becagli leads the company, bringing the lifeblood of the new millennium to a tradition that has been able to build a reality on intuition, craftsmanship and passion.