Many of you like to practice outdoor sports in extreme thermal conditions, but it’s important to take precautions so as not to risk endangering health. You have to choose the right clothes, evaluate the weather conditions and the sport you want to practice.

Thanks to the three-layer rule, you can choose what to wear correctly and make sure you stay dry and warm during the activity:

  • The first layer, the inner one, is a functional underwear which, close to the skin, guarantees warmth and comfort;
  • The intermediate layer allows to maintain the right body thermoregulation;
  • The third layer, the outer one, is a waterproof and windproof fabric and it serves to protect against climatic weather.

Another important aspect is to get garments that also have a good fit, to allow free movement during the activity, and that aren’t too heavy to accelerate sweating.


Inspired by this three-layer dressing method, our Activa 3.0 line is based on a three-level layering system: each layer is specially designed to maximize comfort, breathability and waterproofing.

Activa 3.0 is a range of technical fabrics, produced with innovative materials, thanks to the use of highly technological production processes. These fabrics are perfect for practicing outdoor performance sports.

The 3-level layering system enhances the performance of the individual fabrics, optimizing the overall efficiency:

Activa Layer 1: for maximum comfort. The base layer fabrics are developed to be comfortable and to allow high breathability and thermoregulation performance.
Activa Layer 2: for maximum insulation. The fabrics of the middle layer offer a high thermal insulation even in extreme climatic conditions.
Activa Layer 3: for maximizing protection from atmospheric agents. The fabrics of the outer layer, waterproof and windproof, are developed to protect in all weather conditions without compromising body transpiration.

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